Short-term Health Insurance Benefits  Insurance Magazine

Short-term Health Insurance Benefits Insurance Magazine

Have you ever heard or know the Short-Term Health Insurance? Short-term Health Insurance is an insurance that will provide protection when you suffer pain or be hospitalized within a short period of time. Short-term Health Insurance is generally given to particular cases and not to individuals but to corporate. Short-term Health Insurance is offered for big events that involve a lot of people like Muslims for people who are during the Hajj will go to get the Short-term Health Insurancewhich is managed by the organizers of the pilgrimage. Nevertheless Short-term Health Insurance may also apply to the office or social organization where employees or members awarded Short-term Health Insurance. And if the validity of Short-Term Health Insurance runs out then the firm or organization will extentd the insurance contract anymore.

The purpose of the Short-Term Health Insurance is to provide health protection in a specified period or short term to individuals who are members of a group such as office or organization so that in case of illness requiring medical treatment in hospital then the firm or organization does not need again spend money on medical expenses and cost of care while in hospital. With Short-Term Health Insurance then companies or organizations have provided a sense of comfort and safety to its employees or its members because they were protected by insurance if until there is a case where they should be treated in hospital.

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