I made my 75 lbs lost goal on Weight Watchers and daily excerise.

I made my 75 lbs lost goal on Weight Watchers and daily excerise.

I am happy to share this accomplishment from todays weigh in. I lost point 4 and that outcome helped me to reach my 75 lbs lost goal. I got to add another Weight Watchers mini free weight to my key chain. I shared with the group how I got a good bill of health from my doctor on blood pressure. I also shared that I track my foods on my phone cause it seems like a game to accomplish. I also shared that if my phone battery is dying, I write down my food because I won’t let technology break my hard work. I worked damn hard for this 75 lbs lost and I’m not going back. Take that! I celebrated my accomplishment by purchasing a ww salad dressing depenser.

This week my son and I went bike riding to where ever we needed to go. I love the quality time with him and saving on gas. Gas in the Chicagoland area is around $4.10 per gallon. Earlier in the week, we got a new inner tube for my huband’s bike. We got to ride all together as a family. That was exciting. My son and I showed him the routes we go. He mentioned how we were really going fast and what happened to taking your time to bike ride. We both said we need cardio! My husband kept up as well as he was able to.

This picture above was taken at my mother-in-law’s doctor’s office. I feel the saying was fitting for the kind of week I was having. I had some really emotional personal situations that had me crying a lot. I decided to workout even more so I can use that to cope with my emotions. Excerise is a great coping skill. I am an extrovert and when I’m depressed, I close in and isolate which is not me. Then my friends know there is something wrong with Gwyn cause she’s not smiling or talking. The best medicine for an extrovert is being around people. Going to workout, forced me to not isolate and be around others. I’m grateful for having that option.

I went through my clothes again in my closest and filled a garbage bag full of too big for me clothes. This week I need to donate them to Goodwill. I guess since it has almost been 9 months on plan, that I’m use to clothes getting baggy on me and not getting attached to it. That’s what transformation is all about…change.

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