Natural detoxification remedy for full body detoxification.

Natural detoxification remedy for full body detoxification.


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What is Detox?

Detox is short for the term detoxification. The process of detoxification involves a systematic approach to assisting your body to remove toxins stored in its tissues and it is a process that occurs naturally and marvelously within the body! In fact, your body works hard to rid itself of toxins on a daily basis with little additional help.

However, despite this and the fact that we have access to plentiful food supplies and excellent medical facilities, many people in the Western world do not really know what it is like to feel truly healthy, full of energy and bounce.

What many people are unaware of is that the body can become overloaded with toxins as a result of lifestyle habits, such as a poor diet and limited physical activity combined with excesses of drugs and alcohol. The amount of toxins that are entering our bodies on a daily basis becomes more than what the body can cope with and the natural process of expelling these toxins becomes backlogged.

What Kinds of Toxins Affect Us?

Toxins are agents that are capable of causing harm to the body. While they are naturally released in urine, stools and sweat, sometimes an excess of these harmful substances can accumulate in the system increasing the chance of illnesses like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other lifestyle conditions which are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society.

These toxins are either created externally and subsequently absorbed into the body’s tissue, or they are created internally.

Environmental Toxins- We are surrounded by environmental toxins daily. If you live in a city, the air is polluted, and you are exposed to car fumes, factory emissions, and chemicals used in ordinary cleaning agents. Water sources are increasingly unreliable, and many individuals are exposed to chemicals at work with clothing, carpeting, new plastics and aerosols all adding to contamination of our personal environment.

Most of us apply chemicals directly to our bodies in the form of personal care products made from petroleum and other toxic substances. Sadly, cumulative exposure to environmental toxins can begin even before birth, and short of moving out into the country and adopting a purely organic lifestyle it is difficult to avoid.

Ingested Toxins - Modern farming methods are often more geared to producing food which is ''bigger and better'' - rather than food which is healthy and life sustaining. Even so-called ''healthy food'' is full of artificial hormones, insecticides and other chemicals, which destroy the vitamins and essential nutrition of the food we eat.

Alcohol, cigarette smoke, medication, drugs and mercury fillings are also examples of toxin sources – and are toxins which we do have limited control over. By limiting alcohol, refraining from smoking and cutting down on unnecessary medications we are already helping the body a great deal to reduce toxic build up.


Toxins can also be generated within the body from viral, bacterial or fungal infections (as in the case of candidiasis) or another illness such as HIV which all impact on the immune system. Stress also plays a role in generating toxins within the body and thus too much stress can contribute to toxic build up in the body. In addition, our bodies generate Autogenous toxins as a by-product of our own metabolism.


How Can Toxins Harm Us?

When the levels of these toxins have built up sufficiently in the system they slowly begin to affect body functioning, especially the functioning of the liver. The liver is the second largest organ in the body and is often seen as the most important one. In traditional Chinese medicine, for example, a healthy liver is seen as the most critical element in the body''s ability to fight disease and function optimally.

When the liver can''t accomplish its functions, you eventually begin to experience symptoms such as fatigue, skin eruptions, headaches, allergies, depressed immune systems, obesity, sluggish digestive systems, respiratory ailments and many other health problems… your poor overworked liver!

Natural Detox Programs for Your Health

Because 21st Century life often relies on quick consumer satisfaction (with the result being larger amounts of stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy diets and fast foods) our bodies begin to struggle with an overload of toxins which slowly start to build up in the system.

But it is not all bad news as you have the ability to turn over a new leaf, and kick-start a full body detox , through a self-implemented detox program specific to your needs. In any given year, toxins circulate through the body – and so a detox program can serve to revitalize organ systems and promote cell renewal.

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